Friday, October 26, 2012

besos besos, don't think of me yet

Dear blog

My deepest burden- you terrify me. Your stupid tabula rasa bullshit is so Western Philosophy 101, I am not having it. So as your waves of nothingness crash on me, I'll stand tall. I mean it. My excuse for not writing so much is fear. I know- a cliche. But it will suffice for now because I have important things to say before I leave. 

I have T- minus 57 minutes until I need to hop on a metro to Ramses station and travel 13 hours down the sinewy curve of the Nile's back. I need this trip because I have many things on my mind that I hope to collide with in the comfort of palm fronds and Nubian bread. More will soon follow I PROMISE nena you and your separation anxiety! Its ok, habibti, I am nervous too. This is not Mexico where the eññas flow off my tongue. I'll have to manage with the awkward ﻉ's that clogs my throat and read signs that look like words galloping away from me. If I can survive Ramses, I can inhale sweet smoke by the Nile and watch sunsets while standing knee deep in blue Nile water. I need to leave the city because I am on the brink of swallowing my own heart. Nena, I promised you and will think of you as I watch sugarcane swing in the Northern wind and marvel at the gradual darkness of men's faces at train stops.  Te quiero mas de mi piel. 


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